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We are a family law firm designed to ensure that every family has access to quality representation to help them resolve all types of family law disputes.

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Novo Law is a family law firm committed to delivering the best possible outcomes as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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Our Expertise

We are not generalists. By focusing exclusively on family law, our attorneys have developed uncommon expertise that gives our clients an advantage.



Divorce can be really difficult, but it does not have to be financially ruinous. We can make it a little bit easier and a lot less expensive.

Child Custody


Nothing is more important than your children. We approach every case with their best interests in mind and give them a voice in the courtroom.

Child Support


We can ensure that child support is calculated appropriately in every case, even when the other parent tries to misrepresent their income.

Protective Orders


Whether you need to obtain or defend against any type of protective order, we can help make sure that your rights are protected.



When litigants are willing to consider settlement, our mediators can help resolve most family law disputes faster and more affordably.

Why Novo

Traditional family law firms are bloated and inefficient. Their outdated model often makes matters that are already very sensitive become financially ruinous. Novo gives families a better way forward.

Trusted by many

What Our Clients Say

"We had an INCREDIBLE experience with Novo Law! We had a tough case with lots of dishonesty and lies on the other side. They were extraordinary during trial and completely obliterated the other side."
"This team has been so awesome to work with! They are very responsive and informative while making sure their client feels comfortable. They are mindful of costs and communicate the best approach without over spending. Going through a divorce is not an easy decision but the Novo Law team helped me through it and made it as simple as it could be!"
"If I could give them 10 stars I would.... I used them in a complex custody case and was NEVER disappointed. They supported me throughout the (over a year) case, always answering my emails in a timely manner, reassuring me, and empowering me to make the best decisions for my children. Put your trust in the best AZ has to offer, I promise you won’t be disappointed!"
"After we had been through 2 other law firms who were not diligent or responsive, it was such a godsend to have found Novo. They won our case and saved us thousands on dollars and the icing on the cake was they were so very affordable!"