Meet Novo

Novo was founded to make it easier and more affordable for families to get quality legal assistance. To achieve this, we have reinvented how family law firms operate. We are different by design.

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Our Values

We believe that family law firms can be better. They can be more efficient, less wasteful, more professional, and more empathetic. We exist to prove that and to champion the change the industry needs.



Nothing is more important than the outcome of your case. Getting to the best possible outcome is what informs every choice we make in your case. Every case involves real people who are affected by every choice we make. 



We believe in open and honest communication at every stage of the legal process. Our clients receive regular updates and full transparency regarding case progress and potential outcomes. This starts at the initial consultation.



Our team is committed to making quality legal services accessible to every family. Through our flexible pricing models, transparent fee structures, and internal commitment to cost reduction, we strive to minimize financial strain and maximize value for our clients.



We embrace industry-leading technologies to simplify our processes operate more efficiently than our competitors. This enables us to deliver superior client experiences for a fraction of the cost of comparable services at traditional law firms.



Family law matters are inherently stressful. We believe you should never have to wait several days for a response from your attorney. In most cases we offer same-day response to client communications and all of our clients are able to communicate directly with their attorney.

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Our Philosophy

Quality legal services should never be cost prohibitive. We are committed to offering flexible solutions to fit every family's needs and budget.

Join Our Team

Want to get paid to help awesome people? We are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you don't see the perfect position listed, email us your resume anyway.

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