Child Custody

Nothing is more important than your children. We help tell their story and give them a voice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Our Experience

Child custody disputes often are among the most contentious of all family court cases, for obvious reasons. When litigation involves your children, it is imperative that the best child custody attorneys are on your side.



We can help you establish paternity, legal decision-making, parenting time and devise a comprehensive parenting plan that works for you and your children.  



We can help you modify and make changes to your current parenting plan when it is no longer working for you or your children.



Court-ordered parenting plan establish legally enforceable rights and responsibilities. We help parents with enforcement of any provision in their parenting plans.



While relocation usually entails modification of a parenting plan, its unique complexity warrants individual mention. We have an excellent success rate in both litigating for and against custodial relocation.


Third Party Rights

Third Party Rights refers to when a non-parent seeks legal decision-making authority and/or visitation rights. We have successfully handled these cases from both sides.



Sometimes trial judges make mistakes. We help parents who need to appeal or defend against an appeal involving child custody matters.

Coparenting Made Easier

We offer coparenting coaching and support services to help people with challenging or high conflict coparents.