Your Case is Unique, the Legal Solutions Should be too

woman meeting with her family lawyer in his office and discussing a legal document

Most family law firms use a one-size-fits-all approach to the services they offer. This means that the same rigid fee structures are applied to every case, regardless of the client’s unique needs. For some clients, this may require them to pay for services they don’t really need or want. More broadly, this may make legal services totally inaccessible based on the high entry cost of a $10,000 retainer.

We understand that individuals have unique needs and budgets. So we offer flexible solutions that are customized for each client accordingly. We let you choose how to engage our services based on what you want and need. Our clients are even free to mix and match from our menu of services as their cases evolve or their needs change.

Options include:

  • Full representation. For clients who want full service, our team can handle every aspect of the case. The most common use case for this is contentious litigation. In most cases, our full service clients pay an advanced deposit from which we bill at an hourly rate. This is the most conventional structure.
  • Limited scope representation. We can also be hired on a per project or limited scope basis. A common example might be representing a client at a single hearing or trial. For these cases, we often can offer fixed or flat fees.
  • Collaborative resolution. This is an umbrella term we use to refer to our mediation and collaborative divorce practices. We can help parties find mutually-agreeable resolutions without the expense and hassle of court. All of our collaborative practices can be completed remotely so our clients don’t even have to leave their homes. We also offer weekend appointments so that you don’t have to miss work. 
  • Document preparation. We can help you prepare any type of legal documents for your family court case. For some clients this may be a single document such as a pretrial statement. Other clients choose to use our services for several legal documents (bundles usually offer significant cost savings). Examples of documents include: petitions/responses, discovery requests, disclosure statements, settlement documents, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, parenting plans, or assorted motions that may be needed during litigation. Almost all documents can be prepared for a fixed or flat fee.
  • Consulting. This is one of the most flexible structures. It enables our clients to retain our services on a client-directed basis. It gives clients total autonomy over what tasks we perform and agency over their costs. This is perfect for self-represented litigants (or other attorneys) who may have questions about court procedures or want to be able to lean on our expertise when it comes to planning and strategizing. Another popular use case is trial preparation. We can be retained to help you prepare your testimony and cross examination of all expected witnesses. We can also familiarize you with how to assert and overcome evidentiary objections. This is usually subject to hourly billing, but the client is able to set the budget and direct its usage. 
  • Coaching. We offer non-legal coaching services to help clients through the personal challenges related to divorce or dealing with a high conflict coparent. Our coparenting services are designed to help clients minimize conflict with their coparents, improve communication, and protect themselves from or build their case for future litigation. These services are subject to an affordable hourly rate while clients are free to determine the overall budget.

Overall, one of our biggest priorities is making quality legal services accessible to every family. Family court outcomes should not be determined solely by which party could afford the better attorney. This is why we offer completely customizable solutions that can be scaled to every case and every budget.

So if you need some help with a family law matter, contact us today for a free initial consultation. We’ll take the time to listen to your situation, answer any questions you have, and discuss all of your options so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.